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Devine Celtic Sounds

Changes in the air, plus an opportunity to save lots of money!

Well, it's finally time. DCS is beginning the process of closing down. Yes, I know we announced the same thing a year or two ago, only to morph into something slightly different but fundamentally still up and operating.

This time, though, we've decided to pack it in and devote our efforts to live music instead. We also may stick with the collectible photographs and such, and if we attend Highland Games or art fairs in and around Arizona, we'll announce it here.

This means, of course, that we have a lot of inventory to clear out. Visit our ebay store, where the store inventory CDs are on offer at rather a discount off our old prices and the auction CDs (we push a few through each week) start at $.99! We're still adding the inventory to the store there, so add us to your favorites and keep watching for opportunities to save bunches of money and round out your music collection with some great current and classic Celtic music.

Our marketplace shop is still going, and some of the prices there are actually cheaper than our ebay prices, but on balance, you're probably better off with our ebay presence.

Shipping for the ebay items is $2.50 for the first, plus $.50 for each additional. Orders of up to 3 CDs are automatically sent via first-class mail; four or more get sent via media mail, though we can upgrade that for a small extra charge.
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